Creative ways to make money with your drone...

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) photography and videography opens up wide arenas to photographers that were once difficult to obtain. Here are some examples to consider while putting your drone to use to add to your income. Having an easy to update website is a key starting point. If you can easily edit your site you are more likely to update it, which in turn keeps your viewers more engaged.

Selling your photosLandscapes, storms, local area shots for business around town.

Weddings Taking aerial shots of the church and the ceremony if outside, big groups shots .

Traffic Contract with radio stations, TV stations to follow the traffic or accidents.

Boats Even if you do not own a boat, a lot of great shots can be taken from the marina or from the shore. Also boat races of all kinds held at or around most marinas.

Homes For realtors to have aerial shots of house and surrounding areas. For the homeowners, take a great shot of their property to frame or for insurance.

Film Document live events for promotional videos – or movie being made of the production company.

Security Monitoring at night for security on building projects, farms, factories, night clubs to ranches.

Rescues Have a contact with local police or coast guard to help find people or bring them needed supplies.

Parties Outdoor parties

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