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You must have a license to sell photos or videos taken with your drone.

Drone Law

Our friends at dronelaw.pro have got your covered. They have a team of experts that specialize in Drone Law and can help make the process of obtaining your license painless.

FAA Section 333

For the first time in history, the FAA is allowing photographers to start using drones to take photographs and video for commercial purposes? Until recently, using drones for any business purpose, including photography and videography, was illegal. Dronelaw.pro is a website which can help you get your FAA Section 333 Exemption so you can, for pay, start flying drones for aerial photography and videography right now.

The new drone regulations for commercial Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) aka drones by the FAA is great news. The new drone regulations move us one step closer to widespread use of drones by photographers to capture all sorts of images, events and special occasions in ways never possible before.

Early adopters of drones by foreword thinking photographers will have a huge competitive advantage. Customers want aerial photographs and video of their events, loved ones, homes, buildings and activates.

Drone Website Hosting has arranged for our customers to receive a $1,000 discount on Section 333 Exemptions for our photographers, reducing the price from $3,500 to $2,500. Just enter “DWH” in the coupon box or tell Drone Law Pro that Drone Website Hosting sent you and you will be eligible. Or call www.dronelaw.pro at 866-774-2869 to learn more about drone use by photographers.

Law Info

Here is what you need to know about getting in on this new and innovative market niche:

  1. You can start flying right now with a Section 333 Exemption from the FAA.
  2. It is currently taking about seven weeks to go though the FAA Section 333 process.
  3. You need a 333 Exemption, a drone (many options under $1,000 at 1080p60 video and 8MP photos or above), and a pilot with at least a recreational or sport pilots license to fly your drone for the time being. But pilots are easy to find and not very expensive to hire. You own the exemption; work the camera while someone else flies the drone.
  4. The demand is large, but the supply of 333 Exemptions holders is small.
  5. Early adopters will see a significant ROI on their investment.

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